The Mini-Memory Course

Intro to Natural Memory

This session will improve the efficiency of your memory! Right now your memory is capable of remembering many names and faces after meeting them once or remember any piece of information. You only need to train your memory. Anyone who can read and write can improve the efficiency of their memory.


The POPCORN rules consist of a list I made up several years ago stating some Natural Memory methods you can use immediately.

They are called the POPCORN rules because you can remember the rules easily by the word POPCORN (and because I wanted to go to the movies). Each letter of the word POPCORN represents a rule. Here they are:

  1. Positive Attitude
    If you have an enthusiastic attitude toward remembering your Natural Memory will eat up your material and you can improve your Natural Memory by 5 to 10 percent. If you wonder how to become positive, a simple way is to examine your goals.
  2. Observation
    Did you ever go to the big city or country town and see how people walk? They walk in a straight line with their heads down, ignoring what is going on around them. To have a better Natural Memory, you must take notice of your surroundings. When you do this your Natural Memory improves automatically.
  3. Picture It
    With this idea you come closer to the heart of the memory methods presented in this workbook. It is called the Mind's Eye. Is there a third eye? In a matter of speaking, yes. For example, do not think of the Empire State Building. What is happening? Yes, you are thinking in picture form of a piece of the building, the whole structure or some kind of image of the Empire State Building. Your Mind's Eye is like a video picturing device in your mind that can help your Natural Memory. So the next time you want to remember something picture it. Actually see that telephone number or errand in that third eye.
  4. Concentration
    If you have paid close attention to the previous hints, you have been concentrating. It is difficult to tell someone to concentrate on one single task, but concentration is connected with Natural Memory. You will find that your concentration level will be higher when you use the POPCORN rules and the memory systems in this workbook.
  5. Organization
    If you organize the facts that you have to remember, you will retain them longer. There was a study some years ago in a group ( Group A and Group B ) had to remember sixteen household items in a given set of time. The group that was given the items in an organized fashion, remembered the items faster and retained the list longer. If you want that type of improvement, get organized!
  6. Review It Aloud
    The way to properly review is to use your vocal cords, and actually say aloud the material you want to remember. Studies have proven that using your vocal cords stimulates Natural Memory. But never review this way while walking down the street!
  7. Natural Associations
    When faced with a memory obstacle that reminds you of something in your past, use that image. This will lock it in your memory because it is from your personal experience. For example, say you have to remember the number 747-1939. First, examine the number. The number 747 reminds most people of a plane so use that image. Actually see that plane in your Mind's Eye. Next, look at 1939. That number may remind people of the New York World's Fair or their old address. It does not make any difference as long as you see that picture. With this simple rule you can see an improvement in your memory immediately.

These rules are the basis of all Natural Memory methods.