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Jon Keith Memory TrainerThe man who can remember an entire magazine in one hour and hundreds of names and faces can improve your Memory with his teachable memory skill. He is available for Seminars, Skype Training, Personal Coaching in Person and Keynote Speeches. You can also study at home, One to One with Jon Keith by Skype. There are many programs available just use the Contact page or call him at (386) 871-4987 or (386) 677-8118 for information.

He has trained thousands of business people, students, hundreds of companies, security people and senior citizens to remember Names and Faces, Numbers, and Reading Material with his famous Memory Skill Seminars for over 35 years. Using his unique teaching style, his memory training method is to make the student use their Creativity, Imagination and the Right Side of their Brains (a Mental Exercise). With this training, the student will improve their memories, increase observation, imagination and thinking out of the box.

 Stories about his memory training work has been featured in many newspapers and articles around the world including a front page story in the New York Times (you can see the article just click on link) and in Time Magazine. He has also appeared on numerous National and Foreign TV and Radio Programs (over 650 radio programs) over a 40 year period demonstrating his amazing Memory Skill.

 His new activity is to provide an entire Memory Make-Over in a "One to One" Personal Skype Coaching Session for students, teachers and executives throughout the world.

His new "Train the Teacher" program (a fast moving "one to one" training session with Jon Keith) will provide the instructor with the tools to teach memory skills to their students of all ages.

His “Remember to Win” Program” for Pageantry Participants will increase their ability to score high on Interview and remember important Names and Faces.

For those who cannot attend his memory skill events there is Jon Keith's Skype Memory Skill Training, request more information today!

His new "Memory for Defense" program will give Law Enforcement Agencies the memory tools to increase Observation, Memory and Focus to individuals officers in any situation. Request information today!   


 His goal is to provide the student with the best training utilizing his experience in the field. His seminars are fast moving and fun and will leave people wanting more! His bottom line is Excellence and the teaching of a Memory Skill that the student will use forever.

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Have Jon Keith Teach you Live on Skype!

Have an "One to One" Memory Skill Session with Jon Keith on Skype, the ultimate memory teaching experience. Jon Keith will give you a great memory skill experience at a lower price than an "in person" One to One session. Different memory skill programs are available like Accelerated Memory Skills for Students of all ages, Executives or Seniors to give them a Memory edge.The sessions are fast moving and humorous. Call  (386) 871-4987 or (386) 677-8118 for complete information.

The Early Show

We'd like to thank The Early Show, CBS Network TV for a great interview with Jon Keith in which he remembered an entire current magazine using his teachable memory skill.

Thank you to American Airlines for having the The Early Show interview with Jon Keith as part of their in-flight Video Service.

Read the interview to get important "improve your memory" hints.

Watch for Jon Keith's next book coming in 2015!

Now for a limited time, Jon Keith's Accelerated Memory Skills Seminar Package. This package includes the "Improve Your Memory Forever!" audio CD and "Improve Your Memory Forever!" book (used in some of his corporate seminars).

Jon Keith is also the author of "Executive Memory Techniques" listed on the web as one of the best memory books in the last 20 years originally published by Dell Publishers.


His second book "Everyday Memory Builder", the humorous memory book is published by Berkley Books. It is also available in hardcover.

Remembering Every Name In a TV Audience

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Jon Keith at a Memory Skill Event